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Neptune 2 Preventative Maintenance Information

Neptune 2 Preventative Maintenance Information

Neptune 2

With the release of Stryker's Neptune 3 Waste Management System, Stryker has phased out servicing options for the Neptune 2 Waste Management System in an effort to force Neptune 3 rover sales. This news may have you wondering, "What are my options for repairing or servicing a Stryker Neptune 2 rover and docking station?". That's a great question! Here at Didage, we provide preventative maintenance contracts and repair services for Neptune 2 and 3 Waste Management Systems. In this article, we are going to discuss the recommended Neptune 2 PM (Preventative Maintenance) cycles, your options for repairs, and the details of our preventative maintenance contracts. Our PM and repair services will allow you to upgrade to the Neptune 3 on your own time and maximize your Neptune 2 investment.

1. Neptune PM Cycle Recommendations

First, let's discuss Stryker's recommended preventative maintenance cycles for the Neptune 2 Rover and Docking Station.

Proper rover maintenance requires a PM every six (6) months; but why is this important?

Upkeep of your rover is vital for continued usage, patient safety, and as an added bonus can lower your overall operating expenses. Just like a car or your home, proper maintenance can keep your rover working smoothly. It may also catch any small issues before they become overwhelmingly costly or unrepairable. We are here to help ensure that your rover continues to work at OEM specifications. Servicing your rovers is not only responsible, it increases the quality of care and safety for your patients.

Choosing to bypass preventative maintenance may void your warranty on your Neptune 2 Rover and Docking Station. Therefore, it's always a good idea to stay up to date on your maintenance.

To read Stryker's operations and maintenance manual, CLICK HERE.

2. Rover Repair Options

A PM contract grants you eligibility for repairs. Once signed, we'll help your facility if any repair issues arise. Signing up for a repair and PM contract is easy to do, simply fill out the request for service form and specify a Neptune PM and repair combo in the comments section. Please include as many details in the comments section as possible when filling out the request for service form. Detailed information enables us to provide a timely service for your facility. Repair exchanges are available for Rovers that are deemed unrepairable.

One of our techs will be scheduled to visit your facility for a repair evaluation. During the assessment, if our tech finds that a repair is necessary, they will do everything possible to repair the rover on-site during the same trip. All repairs are subject to time, travel, and materials. If your other units are due for a PM cycle, we will group the repair and PM within the same appointment. By completing the repair and PM's simultaneously, we will be able to remove the travel expenses from that trip for your facility.

3. Neptune 2 and 3 Preventative Maintenance Contracts

At this point you may be wondering what our PM's include. Your Neptune rovers will be serviced and maintained every six months, which can help mitigate issues before they arise. We offer contracts for both Neptune 2 and Neptune 3 rovers.

Lead Times

There is a 30-60 day lead time for all PM's due to high demand. This lead time allows us proper scheduling for your facility and all travel arrangements for our technician.

Appointment Times

For your convenience, we travel to the location of the equipment to perform the PM. Every unit will be serviced during a single trip to the facility. Our team will stay until each rover and docking station is completed.

Weekend time slots are ideal for maintenance as this reduces the chance of the rover being in use; but, our technician will work with you and your schedule if a weekend is unavailable.

Parts Checked and Replaced During Your Appointment

During the maintenance appointment, our tech will go through your rover and check seals, O-rings, filters, and replace if needed.

An electrical safety check will be conducted as well as an operational test to ensure that all components are working according to OEM standards. Other items to be checked and replaced if necessary are:

  • Off-load impeller
  • End Caps
  • Exhaust Filter Replacement
  • Replacement of the HEPA Filter and reset hours


Rover preventative maintenance pricing includes all maintenance, part replacement, and travel. If other services or extended travel time is required, we will work with you to help avoid any extra expenses. Preventative maintenance will decrease your downtime and increase your revenue opportunities. It is important to note that all repairs needed for a rover or docking station are quoted and billed separately from PM's.

Hopefully by this point you will have a clearer understanding of what our PM contracts include. Our goal is to provide a cost effective solution that allows you to either upgrade on your own time or your keep your rovers running for years to come. If you have any further questions send us an email or give us a callOne of our representatives will be able to assist you.

To acquire a preventative maintenance quote for your Neptune 2, Request for Service or call us today.

To read more about why we can help your facility save money read our previous Neptune 2 article about Stryker's discontinuation of service.

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