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Mizuho OSI Spinal Top 5943

Mizuho OSI Spinal Top 5943 Specifications

Mizuho OSI Spinal Top 5943

The Mizuho OSI Spinal Top, also known as a Jackson Spine top, features an open-frame design and individual positioning pads which help support the patient in the prone position for spinal surgery. To make patient transfers easier, the 5943 spinal surgery top is designed to be used with Mizuho's 5927 imaging top and offers complete radiolucency. As a result, 180-degree patient rotation becomes possible pre and post surgery.

Mizuho OSI has been one of the leading manufacturers of medical equipment and surgical tables for over 40 years. Their equipment can be found in some of the top surgical centers in the country.

Mizuho's modular table base system allows for the use of three different table tops. These include the orthopedic trauma top 5855, radiolucent imaging top 5927, and, as we will discuss below, the Jackson spinal top 5943.

5943 Mizuho OSI Spinal Top Specifications and Components

Here is a closer look at the Mizuho 5943 Jackson Spinal Table Top Specifications:

  • Height Range: 27in-48in
  • Lateral Tilt- 25 degrees
  • Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg- 10 degrees
  • Patient Weight Capacity- 500lbs
  • Length of Table Top - 84 in
  • Width of Table Top - 17 in

Standard Mizuho components included with the Jackson 5943 Spinal Top include:

  1. Patient Head Support (faceplate) 5840-277
  2. Tempur-pedic Medical Single Chest Pad 5840-7569
  3. Single Chest Pad Mounting Bracket 5840-580
  4. Leg Board w/ Pad (2) 5840-24
  5. Leg Sling 5840-450
  6. Buttock Strap 5840-45
  7. 60” Leg Strap (2) 5840-43
  8. 90” Leg Strap (4) 5840-44
  9. Hip and Thigh Pads

Along with the standard components as mentioned above, optional accessories available for the Jackson 5493 Spine Surgery Top include:

  1. Cervical Traction Vector
  2. Articulating Arm Boards
  3. Translating Arm Boards
  4. Retractor Adaptor
  5. ProneView Protective Helmet System
  6. Dual Chest Pads
  7. Mizuho 5321 Wilson Frame

The Jackson Spinal Top can be used in many different specialties, making this table a must for any spinal surgery center. These specialties include:

  • Anterior/posterior fusions
  • Surgical corrections of deformities
  • Laminectomies
  • Decompressions
  • Kyphoplasties
  • Osteotomies

Compatible Modular Table Bases for the Spine top

The Mizuho OSI Spinal Top is designed to work with the modular table base system. We currently offer three models of Mizuho OSI Table Bases that are compatible with the Jackson spine top; OSI 5803, OSI 5892, and OSI 5890.

  1. (Full Battery Backup) OSI 5803 Table Base is designed to work with gimbaled OSI modular tops. It features full battery backup and a hand pendant that provides visual confirmation of Rotation Lock Status, Rotation Safety Lock Status, Tilt Drive Status, and Battery Status.
  2. (Partial Battery Backup) OSI 5892 Table Base is designed to work with gimbaled OSI modular tops, features partial battery backup, and has a maximum tilt torque of 55ft-lb and maximum break torque of 95ft-lb.
  3. (Manual) OSI 5890 Table Base utilizes both electrically operated and hand-operated controls. Both height and Trendelenburg adjustments are performed using a hand-operated switch; however, the lateral adjustments are manual. The 5890 does not include the battery backup feature.

What are my next steps?

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