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Jackson Tables for Spine Surgery

Jackson Tables for Spine Surgery

What to know about Jackson Tables

Mizuho OSI 5803 Modular Table System

When it comes to spine tables, Mizuho is a front runner with there modular table system (MTS) or more commonly coined "Jackson Table". What makes the modular table system so great is the ability to use the Jackson table base with three interchangeable tops that accommodate many different procedures and surgical services. All tops (Trauma, Jackson Spine, Imaging) are fully radiolucent, fitted with support pads and can support up to 500 pounds. These features support maximum return on your capital investment. But which one should you purchase? Since the Modular tops and bases are interchangeable, in this post we will look at the base and top types. Hopefully this will help you choose the correct combination for your surgical table

Modular Table Bases

Mizuho OSI 5892 Modular Table System with Wilson Frame

To start, the Mizhuo MTS base is the main component of the Mizuho OSI Modular Table System. Because these Jackson Spine Tables feature a dual column design for easy C-arm access (5890, 58925803), AC and battery operation (58925803), and powered lateral tilt and table articulations (589058925803), these Spine tables are at the forefront for ease of use. Fully extended the bases are 32 inch wide, 102 inch long, and a lateral tilt of 25 degrees and a Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg of 10 degrees.

There are several differences between these operating room table bases. Firstly, the Mizhuo OSI 5803 Jackson Table Base features a full battery backup for uninterrupted surgery. On the other hand, the 5892 Jackson Table Base features partial battery backup that only controls the locks. Lastly, the Mizhuo OSI 5890 Jackson Table requires a constant power source to operate.

Note: The manufacturer Mizuho recommends the modular table bases with battery backup should be plugged in and turned on even while in storage. A collapsible center column allows for maximizing storage of all three Jackson bases, saving you room in your facility. So if space is a concern, this will be something to keep in mind when comparing it to other operating room tables. On that note, if you need to collapse the surgical table between cases, opt for the round beam. Both the 5803 and 5892 have upgraded tubular beams, but the 5890 has a square beam. Unfortunately, the square beams have an issue with cutting the cables that link the columns on the MTS bases. It is not an issue if the table remains in the expanded form; It's just something to keep in mind if you will need to store your surgical table regularly.

Interchangeable Table Tops

All three Jackson table bases can be equipped to work with three different table tops; Firstly, the Jackson Spinal Surgery Top, Secondly, the Radiolucent Imaging Top and finally, the Orthopedic Trauma Top. Each modular top is used for specific cases, so be sure to know the differences when choosing the tops you will need.

Jackson Spinal Surgery Top

Specialized for prone spine procedures the Jackson surgical top is 84in long and 17in wide and supports laminectomies, decompressions, vertebroplasties, along with surgical correction of deformities, anterior/posterior fusions and IDET surgeries. Because this top allows for safe and efficient rotation of the patient, multiplanar imaging of the spine and pelvis is more effective.

Orthopedic Trauma Top

The Orthopedic Trauma Top supports hip pinning, ender nail procedures, femur IM nailing as well as Tibia IM nailing. Furthermore, it utilizes anatomically correct traction eliminates need for leg spar on operative leg and permits unrestricted access for surgeon and C-Arm. The Traction Arc provides constant traction on patient’s leg for adduction/abduction. Like the spine top, this top is 84 in long and 21.5 in wide.

Radiolucent Imaging Top

Used primarily for supine and lateral positioning, the Radiolucent Imaging Top is 84 in long and 21.5 in wide and supports fusions, decompression's, anterior cervical surgery, IDET surgeries, as well as, hip arthroscopy, vascular procedures, catheter placement, pain management, joint imaging, pelvic or acetabular reconstruction to name a few. This imaging top supports complete surgery positioning such as; lower extremity trauma procedures in prone, supine and lateral positions and procedural positioning with traction if required. Carbon fiber and lightweight construction provides complete radiolucency and supports unrestricted C-arm and O-arm integration.

Steps from here

If you are in the market for a Mizuho 58925803 or 5890 Jackson Spine Table Base or any other refurbished medical equipment, click the button below to begin the process. Similarly, if you have a Jackson Table the you would like to sell or trade in, fill out our selling form. For more information about selling equipment, check out our blog about Recycling Medical Equipment.

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