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Recycling Used Medical Equipment

Recycling Used Medical Equipment

When you think about recycling what comes to mind? Probably separating your plastics, paper and aluminum into separate bins and waiting for the trucks to come pick them up.

What if you are a health-care facility with used medical equipment that you have no use for anymore; then what? Do you know the options available to you to recycle the equipment?

From this point have you thought about selling your used medical equipment to be refurbished? This process reduces the amount of equipment in landfills; in turn allowing for other healthcare facilities to purchase this lifesaving equipment for their practice at a fraction of the cost.

Equally important, you will also be cleaning out that storage room; you know, the one full of random pieces of equipment that no one uses anymore.

Sell you equipment to us. CLICK HERE to send a list of equipment.

Waste in the Medical Industry

Furthermore, the rapid growth in the medical industry is contributing to the increased rate in medical waste.

The National Academy of Medicine has estimated that the health-care system waste amounts add up to around $765 billion a year (Allen, 2017). With numbers like these it is important to know your options when looking at disposing your used medical equipment and reducing your carbon footprint. We can help you continue to “go green” by purchasing your used medical and surgical equipment for refurbishment.

CLICK HERE to be taken right to the information needed to begin the selling process.

Why Recycling Used Medical Equipment is Important

As the World’s population continues to grow it is important for all of us to find ways to reduce our waste and recycle what we can. Hospitals, surgery centers, doctors’ offices and other health care facilities make up a large margin of business in the United States; therefore it is important to learn the options when getting rid of your used medical equipment.

There are over 6,000 hospitals alone in the United States (America Hospital Association, 2019) producing waste each day. This includes gowns, blankets, gloves and surgical tools, in addition to surgical equipment like operating room tables, patient monitors, and surgical power equipment.

When you choose to recycle the used medical equipment instead of storing it you will free up floor space; therefore having more room to store supplies and other equipment that are being used regularly.

When you choose to sell your used medical equipment to a refurbishing company like Didage you are choosing to recycle the equipment whether you realize it or not. You can choose to lessen the amount of waste in landfills by this form of recycling; but furthermore, you are choosing to create a cleaner environment for everyone. Thank You!

CLICK HERE to be taken right to the information needed to begin the recycling process.

Selling Your Used Medical Equipment

We understand that selling your used medical equipment or clearing your surgical store rooms can seem like a daunting task at times; we are here to help you. This then results in a seamless transaction. We will work with you on shipping the items or arrange for a pick up to ensure that the process is as hassle free for you as possible.

What Happens After We Purchase Your Used Medical Equipment

During our refurbishment process the used medical equipment goes through inspection with one of our repair technicians who will diagnose any issues with the product and create a plan of action to repair it. Any flaws are then fixed to the manufacturers specifications and lastly the products will go through our quality control inspection before being released to a new hospital or surgery center.

When we have the opportunity to purchase your used medical equipment you are ultimately allowing for a smaller health-care facility have access to what they require for their procedures; not to mention, you are helping the environment at the same time. Additionally, you will be helping a facility who may not be able to afford new equipment.

At Didage, we can purchase used operating room tables, imaging equipment, endoscope systems, surgical instruments, patient monitors, surgical tools, surgical power equipment, medical exam tables; and not to mention the many more items cluttering your halls. Likewise, everything you would find within an operating room, imaging room or sterile processing room we can purchase.

When we purchase your equipment we ask that you ensure all hard drives are wiped clean to ensure patient information is protected as states in the HIPAA Privacy Law.

Given these points, we will assist you in any way we can when you are ready to sell your used medical equipment. CLICK HERE to be taken right to the information needed to begin the selling process.

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