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Hanna Long, Marketing Specialist

Hanna Long

The types of medical exam tables available for sale have changed drastically over the years. For example, what does a doctor's examination table and dining room table have in common? In today's world, nothing, but back in medieval Europe, they were one and the same. Modern medicine has come a long way since that point. Today, medical facilities have the option to purchase all sorts of medical exam tables and powered chairs with colors and accessories to match their specific practice.

In this article, we are going to discuss three types of medical examination tables available and the advantages of each style. Further down, we list several models along with their specifications to help aid you in your purchasing decision.

3 Types of Medical Exam Tables

Three general types of examination tables are available

Treatment Tables

Flat Exam Treatment Table

Flat exam treatment tables are a fixed horizontal table with no articulation or height adjustment options. Typically flat and treatment examination tables are used in nurse's offices within schools or similar facilities.
Treatment tables come in a variety of colors and base material combinations. If you are on a budget, a treatment table will be the most cost-effective; however, they can take up more floor space than a manual or powered alternative. Because treatment tables remain fixed in one position, they lack the functionality of higher-end options. If you require greater versatility, a manual or powered counterpart may be a better option. For more information or to request a quote for a flat exam table, call 574-268-9098.

Manual Examination Tables

Manual Exam Table Midmark 104

Manual Examination tables have a mechanical device that allows the doctor to adjust the exam table from an upright seated position to a fully horizontal orientation. Most manual exam tables feature a convenient built-in step stool to aid children and the elderly. Along with step stools, many include pullout drawers for added storage. Thanks to their low cost and multi positioning functionality, approximately 70% of all exam rooms in the United States are currently using manual adjustment tables. By far, the most popular brand is Midmark. Some of the most popular Midmark medical exam tables are the 104, 204, and 404.

Powered Medical Procedure Exam Chairs

Powered Procedure Exam Chair

Power medical exam tables or procedure chairs come equipped with a motor that enables enhanced patient positioning for minor procedures. Positions like Trendelenburg and beach chair positioning are made possible along with the standard seated, reclined, and horizontal exam positioning of ordinary examination tables. The enhanced seating options allow for a wider variety of in-office procedures. Podiatrists, OB-GYN, and Dermatologists can benefit immensely from a motorized table. Powered exam tables offer convenience for the physician and enhance patient comfort. Motorizes medical chairs utilize either a foot pedal or hand control to manipulate the unit's functions with ease. If you are seeking a full-function procedure chair, call 574-268-9098. One of our representatives will be able to help you.

Midmark Ritter 419, 75 Evolution, 75L, and 111 powered exam chairs are some popular models you can find in doctor’s offices, clinics, and any other non-surgical facility. These powered examination tables allow physicians to perform minor procedures within the office. The vinyl and steel construction is easy to keep clean and will last for years to come.

Refurbishment of Used Exam Tables

Here at Didage, we refurbish used exam tables and used procedure chairs. Feel free to watch this short "behind the scenes" video of our refurbishment process.

Manual Exam Table Options

Midmark 104

The Midmark 104 Examination table has a manually adjustable back, retractable footrest shelf and stirrups, five storage drawers with steel ball-bearing glides, and a hospital-grade 115 VAC receptacle.
Dimensions for this table are as follows:
Upholstered Top: 27” W x 55” L (with footrest extended the length increases to 72”)
Seat height: 31.75”
Step: 10.75” x 17.75” x 10.75”
Base 17.5” 42.375” 4.125”

Pros: Inexpensive, Lasts for years, Retractable stirrups, Optional drawer warmer

Cons: Weight capacity 300 lbs max, Inconvenient for elderly and disabled patients, No lift assist for backrest, Drawers on one side only.

Midmark 204

The Midmark 204 manual exam table features an 18-gauge steel shell, ball-bearing drawer glides, a retractable footrest shelf and stirrups, and an increased patient weight capacity of 500 pounds. An enlarged footstep allows patients to feel more secure when stepping up onto the exam table and has easy-to-clean slip-resistant surfaces for added security.
Dimensions for the Midmark 204 are as follows:
76” L x 28” W
Height Range: 33”
The Midmark 204 provides exceptional value in a manual medical exam table and efficient patient care.

Pros: Modern Design, Max Weight Capacity 500 lbs, Pass Through Drawers, Retractable stirrups, Optional drawer warmer

Cons: Less storage space, More costly than other alternatives

Midmark 404

The Midmark 404 exam table features an extendable leg section along with stirrups for OB-GYN exams, pneumatic back, storage drawers, and contoured foam construction with an antimicrobial vinyl cover.
Dimensions for the Midmark 404 are as follows:
31.75" H x 54" L x 27" W
Foot extension- 20" W x 18" L
Patient Weight Capacity- 300lbs
Back Section Adjustment- 0-80 degrees

Pros: Inexpensive, Lasts for years, Retractable stirrups, Optional drawer warmer, Lift assist backrest with gas spring.

Cons: Weight capacity 300 lbs max, Height inconvenient for elderly and disabled patients, Drawers on one side only.

Manual exam tables are a popular choice for most non-surgical healthcare facilities. However, if your healthcare providers prefer a powered exam table, Midmark manufacturers some of the most sought-after models in the market, read below to learn about these models.

Manual Exam Tables with motorized height adjustment

Midmark 222 Powered Exam Table

The Midmark 222 Powered Medical Exam Table is a barrier-free powered exam table that features a low height of 18,” which is excellent for the elderly, expectant mothers, or those with disabilities. The control on this chair, like the other powered chairs, is foot-controlled and placed ergonomically for ease of the doctor or nurse.

Dimensions of this chair are:
Height – 18”-37”
Patient Weight Capacity- 400 lb
Pelvic Tilt- 7 degrees
Length- 76”

Pros: Modern Design, Great for elderly and disabled patients, 400 lbs max weight, Powered by electric actuator, Retractable stirrups, Optional drawer warmer.

Cons: Only one drawer, More costly than other alternatives.

Midmark 405 Powered Exam Table

The Midmark 405 Electric Exam Table is a versatile tool in a wide range of practices. This exam table is suitable for general practitioners, OB/GYN, Obstetricians, Plastic Surgeons, or Dermatologists.

Specifications include:

Weight: 454 lbs

Back Section Adjustment: 0° to 70°

Table Top Height Adjustment: 25″ – 37″

Pelvic Lift Adjustment: Seat section adjustable to +5°.

Stirrup Extension (Maximum): 14″

Stirrup Lateral Positions: Four lateral positions

Pros: Great for elderly and disabled patients, Powered by electric actuator, Retractable stirrups, Optional drawer warmer, Storage drawers, Powered seat back up and down.

Cons: 300 lbs max weight

Powered Exam Chair Options

Midmark Ritter 419 Powered Examination Chair

This Midmark Ritter 419 powered exam chair is ideal for the healthcare professional that requires easy access to a patient’s head or neck. These include dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and oral or maxillofacial surgeons. It features a unique slim backrest for a large work surface and greater legroom for improved patient access and comfort. This chair features table up/down tilt, foot up/down and back up/down.
Dimensions of this chair are as follows:
Minimum height: 22.5”
Maximum height: 40”
Table length: 70.5”

Pros: Modern Design, Motorized table adjustments, Foot or hand control, Trendelenburg Positioning.

Cons: Not as versatile as other procedure chairs 

Midmark Ritter 75 Evolution

Used mostly in ENT, Proctology, Urology, OB/GYN and Colposcopy, the Midmark Ritter 75 Evolution chair features height, tilt, back section and leg section that can all be automatically and separately adjusted to the needed position. The height of this chair can be adjusted from a minimum height of 26” to a maximum height of 42,” and it has a weight limit of 375 pounds.

Pros: Motorized table adjustments, Trendelenburg Positioning, Lower cost.

Cons: 325 lbs max weight, Hydraulic actuators can leak over time, height inconvenient for elderly and disabled patients, Foot control only.

Midmark 75L Powered Exam and Procedure Chair

The Midmark 75L has a low minimum height of just 22.5". This feature makes a great addition to any healthcare facility that works with elderly patients or others that have a hard time getting on to taller chairs. An 8-way footswitch allows for the exam chair to rise, reaching its optimum height for the doctor. At a maximum height of this chair is 40,” the Ritter 75L exam chair can accommodate most patients where height might be an issue.
Dimensions for Midmark 75L are as follows:
Trendelenburg- 30 degrees
Minimum height: 22.5”
Maximum height: 40”
Table length: 70.5”

Pros: 375 lbs max weight, Trendelenburg Positioning, Height convenient for elderly and disabled patients, Electronic actuator eliminate leaks, Hand and foot control, side rails standard.

Cons: Higher cost than other alternatives

Midmark 111 Powered Exam Chair

The Midmark 111 Powered Exam Chair comes equipped with an easy-to-use foot-controlled pedal. This control pedal automatically and separately adjusts and positions the height, tilt, back section, and leg section. The hand-free controls ensure comfortability for the doctor and the patient. With a weight capacity of 300lbs, this exam chair can support a range of patients.
Specifications for the 111 Midmark exam chair are as follows:
Chair height- 26”-42”
Back and foot section tilt- 45 degrees
27” W x 80” L with headrest

Pros: Motorized table adjustments, Trendelenburg Positioning, Lower cost.

Cons: 325 lbs max weight, Hydraulic actuators can leak over time, height inconvenient for elderly and disabled patients, Foot control only.

Whether your facility is looking at manual or powered exam chairs, we will work with you to identify the model that would be the best fit. Contact us below to begin your quote.