Sterile Single Use Surgical Burs and Blades

Contract rates that make sense

Surgical Blade Contract Solutions

Are you really getting the best pricing for your single use surgical oscillating and reciprocating blades? 

Your contract rate may be hiding additional expenses that are costing your facility thousands of dollars. Because blades can be an operational expense it may not seem like an issue, but you could be draining your facility's budget and profitability. It's time for a second look.

Top 5 Common Questions:

1. Which brand replacements do you offer?

  • Stryker, Conmed, Medtronic, Synthes, Zimmer, MicroAire, Brasseler, and De-Soutter

2. How are they packaged?

  • Single Sterile Pack with expiration and lot identification stickers for patient tracking.

3. My current contract includes the handpieces free of charge provided I purchase blades. Can you provide the same service?

  • Let us know the make and model of your systems. We are able to provide the same service at a fraction of the rate you are currently paying.

4. Certifications and FDA Approval?

  • All surgical blades are FDA approved and manufactured and packaged with 13485:2016 ISO Quality Standards and CE approval.

5. Can we purchase blades without a contract?

  • Absolutely! Although contracts provide the best rate, all burs and blades are available on our website in packs of 5 on an as needed basis.
Stryker System 8 Power Tool Set

Equipment for only the cost of disposables

Starting an orthopedic program but lack the capital to pay for the Power equipment? 

  • We can provide the Power system of your choice for only the cost of the disposables.
  • Start your orthopedic program with little to no upfront capital
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Not interested in a contract?  No Problem! 

Purchase directly from our website right now.  No contract required