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CONTACT US TODAY AT +1 (574) 268-9098

Zimmer ATS 3000 Automated Tourniquet System Refurbished

by Didage

The Zimmer A.T.S. 3000 Automated Tourniquet System is a dual-port, dual-cuff tourniquet system with microprocessor controls and dedicated ports for supplying and measuring pressure independently.

Zimmer ATS 3000 Automated Tourniquet System Features:

Limb Occlusion Pressure (L.O.P.)- Technology that senses, calculates and reports the cuff pressure necessary to achieve complete blood occlusion in the operative limb.
Self-Check Calibration- Automatically checks the accuracy of the machine calibration each time unit is powered ON, saving time.
Cuff Alert-Alerts user of cuff status when an attempt is made to set the machine on standby.
Cuff Lockout- Prompts the user to confirm the deflation command during bilateral or IVRA procedure to reduce complications due to sudden cuff deflation.
Four-Hour Battery Backup
Color-Coded Cuffs
Carrying Handle
Battery Back-up