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CONTACT US TODAY AT +1 (574) 268-9098

Versa Cabinet Style Chart Racks (Moveable Shelf Dividers)

by Omnimed

The Versa Rack is a multi-functional mobile charting system that will accommodate all sizes of binders. The unique shelf design provides a 10 degree angle for storing side open binders, books and other items. The back of the shelf has a 2" indentation to keep the side open binders close to the front of the rack. The indentation can also serve as an alternative shelf for top open binders. This will hold the top open binders so they are level and will not project past the front of the cart.

Features included in the Versa Cabinet Style Chart Racks:

• Shelves are angled to keep binders and materials from moving
• 3 dividers provide per shelf
• Dividers can be positioned in 1 1?2" increments
• Available in beige, light grey and woodgrain finish

Product Sheet