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CONTACT US TODAY AT +1 (574) 268-9098

Stryker 279-000-000 Serfas Energy RF Generator Refurbished

by Didage

The Serfas Energy Generator outputs 400 watts of power and the bipolar function of the Energy proves eliminates the need for a grounding pad.

Stryker 279-000-000 Serfas Energy RF Generator Features:

Hand control
All SERFAS Energy probes come with a hand control option, allowing the surgeon to control ablation, coagulation and power settings directly from the hand piece.
Bendable probes
Non-suction probes can be bent up to 45 degrees with the probe bender.
A small, powerful generator
The SERFAS Energy generator, while small in size, outputs 400 watts, as much or more power than any other generator on the market.
Eleven distinct power levels
The eleven power levels are the most currently offered by any system on the market. This feature gives the surgeon the ability to fine tune the ablation intensity and performance.
Impedance detection technology
Special impedance detection technology ensures that probes will not damage nearby scopes.
RFID technology
The system communicates specific default and maximum power settings of each probe to the SERFAS Energy console.
Integrated Cable
All probes come with an integrated cable and are fully disposable, so there is no need to re-sterilize cables after a case