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CONTACT US TODAY AT +1 (574) 268-9098

Rectangle Carbon Fiber Arm and Hand Table with Leg

Lightweight Carbon Fiber
Made with extra thick carbon fiber to provide superior strength when it is most essential.
This table weighs a mere 9 pounds and remains the strongest available.
Clamps Securely to the O.R. Table with our integrated 'posi-lock' clamps.
Operating surface is 18" x 32"to accommodate a wide range of procedures.
Totally radiolucent for extremely clear images.
Built in handle allows effortless carrying and also acts as a convenient storage bracket, giving you a place to hang it from.
Leg adjustment, up to 12 inches to accommodate different height preferences.
Optional add-a-rail feature may be added to the outer end of table allowing multiple accessories to be used.
2" pad included
Available with single or double foot.