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CONTACT US TODAY AT +1 (574) 268-9098

Mobile I.V. Pole (741304)

by Omnimed

Omnimed IV Infusion Stands are available as Heavy Weight and Junior Heavy Weight infusion stands, the Power Lifter 1 and Power lifter 2, and the Beam Stand. The Heavy Weight stand manually rises 9', has air glide system which controls descent of pole, has 4 IV hooks which can hold 50,000 CC containers. The pole is made of stainless steel, on a 5 leg black powder coated aluminum base with 28" diameter and has 3" rubber casters. The Junior heavyweight stand rises 7' max, made of stainless steel, comes with 4 rams horn hooks, holds 3,000 CC containers. The base is 5 legs in 22 1/2 diameter, on dual wheel casters and also has an air glide system which controls descent of pole. The power Lifters are designed to provide hazard-free, ergonomic lifting of solutions during surgical procedures. The stands are simple to use and can be easily recharged for cord free use during surgeries and procedures. They both are equipped with foot pedals to operate safe pneumatic air glide system. They have 4 hooks, which hold 5,000 CC's per hook. The adjustable height is 5'7" to 9'. The Low Voltage Light Kit is an optional Accessory.
• Telescopes from 31" to 47"
• Clamps onto any shape from 1?2" to 2"
• Pole can be used on a flat or round surface
• Locking handle for theft prevention
• Dual Rams Hook nests inside for storage
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