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CONTACT US TODAY AT +1 (574) 268-9098

M8000A Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

10.4  inch high-definition color TFT display, multi-channel waveform with the screen display

Monitoring parameters: ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen, breathing, pulse, body temperature and so on

Button for the silicone backlight button, easy to use at night and dark environment

Oxygen can be upgraded US Masimo SET digital blood oxygen technology or Nellcor Oximax pulse oximetry, to ensure that the non-static state and low perfusion of patients with peripheral pulse blood oxygen accurate measurement

Seven-lead electrocardiogram with the screen display, to meet the clinical care of chest X-ray ECG application

Support external mirror display, can be dual-screen display

Optional built-in thermal three-channel recorder, the channel to be printed waveform can be arbitrarily selected

Built-in pluggable rechargeable battery and dual battery slot, uninterrupted monitoring

With wired / wireless / hybrid networking, support two-way communication function, can be widely used in patients with surgical monitoring and intensive care
Suitable for adult, pediatric, neonatal full-time patients with vital signs monitoring

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