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CONTACT US TODAY AT +1 (574) 268-9098

IsoLED Mini LED Headlight

by Isolux

IsoLED Mini LED Headlight The IsoLED Mini Portable LED Headlight is a Battery operated  Exam / Diagnostic lamp ideal for use in the following environments:









Its high efficiency design allows for reduced energy consumption and reduced cost of ownership (around 1/3 of halogen lamps) while its 40000 hour of LED life provides for a free maintenance device with an end life of around 20 years. Its design follows and surpasses the Energy Star Requirements.

The unit has infinite mobility not confined by access to power sockets and its charge will last more than 9 hours at full intensity.

Its light beam is extremely homogeneous and free of imperfections. The light-weight battery pack has a retention clip to be used on the user’s belt or pocket.

The Battery Charger comes with a Charge Monitor that alerts the operator when the Battery is fully charged.

The Headlight adapts to any Binocular loupes: Gallilei Zumax Zeiss Orascoptic Flip up Grendel Meier and Heine.

The unit comes in a carrying case containing the Headlight with pendant cable / connector Battery Pack two retaining multi-clips removable yellow filter wall mounted Battery Charger safety goggles and User’s Guide.


IsoLED Mini LED Headlight

IsoLED Mini User's Guide

MINI headlight Attachments

IsoLED Mini LED Headlight (en Español)

IsoLED Mini Guia de Usuario