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CONTACT US TODAY AT +1 (574) 268-9098

F80 Fetal Monitor

12.1 inch LCD screen, can flip design, to ensure good visual effects
Probe discrete design, the probe independent operation, easy to use, save maintenance costs
Using multi-chip waterproof probe, more accurately capture the fetal heart signal
Highly sensitive uterine contraction probe real-time monitoring of maternal contractions
With twins measurement function, through the fetal heart sound switch can accurately distinguish between different fetal heart sounds, to avoid interference
With CTG view, playback and quick print function
With regular print, segment printing function, the time period is free to choose the election
Optional FISHCHER rating module, a more intuitive understanding of the health of the fetus
Through the F6000 obstetric central monitoring system, free combination of networking, to achieve the construction of hospital information management
Measurement parameters: FHR, FM, TOCO

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