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CONTACT US TODAY AT +1 (574) 268-9098

Conmed Hall PRO1541 1/4" Jacobs Drill-Reamer Attachment Refurbished

by Didage

This PRO1541 1/4? Drill Reamer combo attachment can be used for both drilling 1:1 and 5:1 reaming applications. It can be used with any of the Conmed PowerPro, PowerPro Max, Mpower, Mpower 2, or Hall 50 Drills.
Features a turn dial that switches between the drill and ream settings.

Available Conmed HandPieces compatible with this Attachment:

Conmed Hall PRO6200 Mpower Single Trigger Drill Refurbished

Conmed Hall PRO6200M Mpower 2 Single Tigger Drill Refurbished

Conmed Hall PRO6400 Mpower Reciprocating Saw Refurbished

Conmed Hall PRO6450M Mpower 2 Sternum Saw Refurbished

Conmed PRO7100B Hall 50 Single Trigger Drill Refurbished