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CONTACT US TODAY AT +1 (574) 268-9098

Allen Bow Frame A-70800 500lbs Spine Frame Refurbished

by Didage

Similar to the Wilson Frame, the Allen Medical Bow Frame (A-70800) is a spine frame designed for reverse lordosis patient positioning in the operating room.  It is capable of attaching to any standard surgical table, the Allen Advance Surgical Table, Allen Flex Frame operating room table attachment, or any of the Mizuho Jackson table spine system.

The Allen Medical Bow Frame is fully radiolucent and allows for full patient imaging. As for the weight capacity, the Bow Spine Frame can handle patients up to 500lbs.  Weighing only 25lbs itself, the Allen Bow Spine Frame is easy to carry and handle in the operating room.

To adjust the tension of the spine frame, the Bow Frame Crank Arm (A-70821) is used to flex and reflex the frame into the desired position.

Storage can be made easier with the compatible A-70815 cart for easy movement of the spine frame pre and post surgery.

 Other Spine Frames: Mizuho 5319 Wilson Frame & Mizhuo 5321 Wilson Frame for the Jackson Table

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