Sales Team - US

Heath Jones

Midwest US

Account Executive

Heath is one of our most tenured team members, starting with us in 2002.  He manages sales in Western Indiana, the Midwest and South Central states.  The value he brings to the team is his first hand experience he gained as a technician in the early years.  He uses this knowledge to support customers and build successful relationships. Heath enjoys martial arts, vacationing in the Appalachian's and investing outside of work.  To contact Heath call 574-268-9098 ext. 1005, 574-551-7824 or email with the link below.

David Johnson

Eastern US

Account Executive

David has been with Didage Sales since 2018 and manages sales in Eastern Indiana and the Eastern US. He has a background in the orthopedic industry and holds a degree in exercise science which makes him a valuable part of the sales team.   When he is not working, he relaxes by spending time on the lakes with his friends and working on his business ventures. To contact David call 574-268-9098 ext. 1006, 574-549-7137 or email with the link below.

Jonathan Murphy

Western US

Account Executive

Jon started in early 2021 overseeing the sales for Western US.  His business development experience and charming personality are foundational to his success with our sales team.  This self proclaimed "Chairman of Culture" never lacks passion to take care of his clients wholeheartedly. He specializes in ASC/OR developments, capital equipment planning and procurement. In his time off he loves traveling to new places, playing golf, and spending time on the lake.  To contact Jon call 574-268-9098 ext. 1007,  or email with the link below.

Kim Hensley

Channel Sales/

Customer Service Specialist

Kim started with Didage in 2006 as our e-commerce sales rep finding great success in building a distribution outlet on sites like eBay and Dotmed.  She now oversees the strategic sales to our Dealer Partners & Channel Sales client base along with international accounts.  Kim serves as customer service specialist to make sure our clients hardest questions get answers.  In her off hours, Kim is a part of her local Tri Kappa chapter, volunteers at her church, hanging with her besties, and sipping on the "sideways mountains". To contact Kim please call 574-268-9098 ext. 1002 or email with the link below.

Operations Team

Heather Chaney

Director of


Heather has been with Didage since 2017 working in operations.  Her organization skills make her an integral part of the team as she manages production to ensure that orders stay on schedule and are fulfilled correctly.  With that, she is responsible for managing our logistics team and production assignment.  In her off hours she loves spending time with her 2 kids and going to live shows.  To reach Heather, you can call 574-268-9098 ext. 1003 or email her at the link below to follow up with your orders.

Brennan Adams

Repair Manager

Brennen began is work at Surgical Power, Inc in 2017 after coming from a highly technical CNC machining background in the orthopedic industry. He is responsible for preparing repair quotations on all equipment and working through questions from clients regarding the cost effectiveness of their repair. Outside of the office, Brennen serves as a decorated volunteer firefighter, loves long walks on the beach, and going to concerts. Brennen, can be reached at 574-268-9098 ext. 1016 or email at the link below if you have questions about your repairs.

Darren Miner

Quality Control Manager

Darren joined the team in 2018, offering his background in electrical engineer working down south in the offshore oil industry.  He is responsible making sure that all product leaving our facility is running to manufacturers specifications.  Problem solving is the name of his game and works to the rule, "if I can't approve it to be used on my loved one, its won't pass QC". Darren leads the company in winning the most chili cook offs & costume contests, taking competition to another level in the organization.  He loves fishing, motorcycles, pyrotechnics, and being awesome.  He can be reached at 574-268-9098 ext. 1010 or emailed below.

Chazz Brown

IT Manager / Production Manager

One of Didage's longest team members since 1999, Chazz is responsible for integrating and maintaining all IT systems.   He serves operations by fulfilling order and controlling inventory as well.  In his free time he enjoys games of all sorts, ranging from video games, to board games.  Going to the annual Gen-Con convention is a top priority.  He also loves going to his favorite rock concerts with his wife and kids.

Executive Team

Chris Rankin


Chris started Didage Sales Company in 1990 and Surgical Power, Inc. in 2000. As a lifelong medical device salesman, Chris has a passion for his clients and the products he offers.  His  genuine and likeable personality, mixed with his expertise attributes to his success in the industry over the past 35 years.   In his spare time, he enjoys racing sailboats in the Great Lakes, skiing, fast cars, and traveling around the country with his family.  

Julie Rankin


Julie co-founded Didage with her husband Chris in the 90's. In the early years of the company she oversaw all finance and accounting responsibilities.  Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family (especially her grandkids), traveling the US, sipping martini's ,and sailing in the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico.  If you're looking for the life of the party, you'll be sure to find Julie right at the helm.

Ryan Pannell


Ryan started with Surgical Power, Inc. in 2008 expanding business to new heights until 2018, when he and management decided to merge Didage and Surgical Power.  Ryan casts the vision for Didage's future and specializes in building effective teams, as well as offering new product and services to better the customer experience. Outside of work playing music,  investing, and spending time with family are what he's most passionate about. To contact Ryan call 574-268-9098 ext. 1004 or email with the link below.

Gavin Miner


Gavin started with Didage in 2017 and brought an extensive background in sales and operations from the tech industry, where he served many Fortune 500 companies as his clients.   Gavin oversees the day to day operations and is responsible for our processes workflow, and managing finances.   Outside of work you will find him mountain biking and spending time with friends on the lake.

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