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RestOR Medical Equipment Restoration and Repair

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Program FAQ

*Free Shipping: Limited to Ground shipments and medium packages. Does not Include Freight or expedited shipping.

*Scheduled Full Refurbishment: Equipment chosen for full refurbishment must be selected by serial number prior to contract start.

*Loaner Equipment: Limited to equipment covered under contract. 

*Technician Visits: Bi-Annually scheduled to ensure equipment is available to check. 

*Discounted Repairs: Out of contract items will receive a discounted rate.

Medical equipment breaks down naturally with use, leading to downtime in your operating room. If left unchecked, compromised equipment can cause unwanted complications during surgery. Our PM Plus service program is designed to catch and stop significant equipment damage before it starts or before a device requires extensive service. This service is preemptive because operating room up-time ensures your patients receive the care they deserve.

Program Benefits

  • Save Minutes in the Operating Room with Equipment Up-time
  • Comprehensive Service Coverage
  • Expedited Repair Services
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Protection for Your Capital Equipment Investment
  • Fewer Catastrophic Equipment Breakages

PM Plus in Action

Evaluation: The items covered through PM Plus undergo routine checks at scheduled intervals to ensure consistent wear and repair cycles.  An integrity check is performed by partially disassembling the device to get an accurate picture of wear and to gauge unintended damage. 

PM Reassembly: After condition notes are updated in our system, the item is cleaned internally and externally. Applicable mechanical components are lubricated, and wear items such as seals, o-rings, and filters are replaced, after which the unit is reassembled.

Repair Needed: If damage has occurred beyond normal wear or if the unit is found not to be operating to OEM specs, it is recorded in our system. A detailed technician report is sent to our quoting and customer service teams for recommendations. Items that require repair will receive a discounted service rate quote prior to reassembly. 

Quality Check: Once the item has been PM'd or repaired; it undergoes a quality check to ensure it operates at OEM specifications. After the QC process is complete, the unit is returned to service. 

Why Preventative Maintenance for Medical Equipment is Important

Besides causing major administrative problems and potential health compromises for patients, unexpected medical equipment breakdowns are costly and unpredictable. Every minute in the OR is valuable. While not every repair can be eliminated or foreseen, routine preventative maintenance can lessen the impact and frequency of equipment breakages. 

Types of Medical Equipment Covered Through PM Plus

  • Defibrillators
  • EKG Machines
  • Electro-Cautery Units
  • Infusion / Syringe Pumps
  • Patient Monitors
  • Scope and Camera Systems
  • Sterilizers*
  • Stretchers*
  • Surgical Drills and Saws
  • Surgical Tables*
  • Tourniquets
  • Waste Management Systems*

We offer a one stop solution for your preventative maintenance requirements. Call us today to start protecting your equipment.

Protect Your Equipment

*Large items require freight shipping or scheduled on-site technician visits.

RestOR Medical Equipment Restoration and Repair

RestOR is a full refurbishment and restoration service for devices that need to be returned to a former glory. This medical equipment service contract is not just a repair service but a complete overhaul for your equipment. Once the restoration process is complete, the device receives a two-year warranty as well as a one-year subscription to our PM Plus Preventative Maintenance program to ensure continued performance.

Program Benefits

  • Extend Equipment Life
  • Internal and External Restoration
  • 2-Year Extended Warranty Coverage
  • Qualify for Repair and Sale Discounts
  • Loaner Equipment During Restoration
  • 1-Year PM Plus Subscription

Whether your equipment is no longer covered by the manufacturer or just seen better days, our Didage & Surgical Power service team is here to help.

The Restoration Process

To start, we provide a loaner so business as usual can continue on your end while your device is at our facility.  

Mechanical: Once an item arrives at our facility, it is dismantled for restoration.  All wearable components such as seals, o-rings, bushings, filters, hoses, and other consumable parts are replaced according to the equipment type. Next, cosmetic sub-components that require resurfacing, painting, and refinishing are meticulously shined once again. Major components are rebuilt and validated or replaced. Once reassembly begins, each piece is checked and rechecked for optimum performance. After the restoration is complete, the item is inspected for quality and specification accuracy to ensure the product has been fully restored. 

Electronic: After being checked in, the device undergoes error code and abnormality checks. After an initial inspection, the unit is dismantled to the board level. Circuit boards are then cleaned of debris and contaminants. Wear items such as capacitors, batteries, fuses, and resistors are replaced to bring the board back to OEM voltage and current specifications. Sub-assembly components, such as displays, pumps, and built in mechanical components are checked and replaced as necessary.  External shells and housings are resurfaced or replaced to ensure the unit is both visually and functionally restored. Finally, the unit is reassembled for diagnostic testing and quality control.

The restored unit is then returned to your facility for ongoing use and patient care. All RestOR devices benefit from a two-year warranty and a one-year PM Plus plan for optimum service coverage. Contact us today for more information and pricing.

Restore Your Equipment


Q. Is travel included?

A. If your facility is within 250 miles of Didage, travel is included at no additional charge.

Q. Will preventative maintenance stop all my equipment from breaking?

A. No; however, a good PM service reduces the frequency and severity of breakages.

Q. What if an item breaks while covered under a PM Plus agreement?

A. If an item breaks, you will receive both expedited repair coverage and a discounted repair rate.

Q. Can I cover items that were not purchased through Didage?

A. Absolutely! If you need coverage, we are here to help.

RestOR Medical Equipment Restoration and Repair

Q. How long does the RestOR process take?

A. On average it takes 4 - 6 weeks from the time an item arrives to finish the restoration.

Q. Do you provide loaners for equipment during restoration?

A. Yes! We provide loaners to keep your facility operating normally during the process.

Q. What if I am not satisfied with the results?

A. Our Customer Service team will work closely with you to remedy any issues that may arise. 

Q. Is there a guarantee the RestOR process will work on my equipment?

A. Each restoration is backed with a full 2-year warranty and a 1-year PM Plus subscription at no additional charge.

Call today for more information or fill out one of the forms below.

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RestOR Medical Equipment Restoration and Repair