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CONTACT US TODAY AT +1 (574) 268-9098

Surgical Power Equipment

Welcome to our collection of Surgical Power Sets. Are you a orthopedic surgeon completing total joint procedures, a neurosurgeon searching for a high speed surgical drill, or a veterinarian needing a small bone power system.  The refurbished surgical power we offer here at Didage is one of many core competencies and we offer all the major brands of refurbished options, like Stryker REMB, TPS CORE, System 7 or System 8, Conmed Hall50, Microfree, Microaire, & Synthes.  So whether you need 1 attachment, 10 complete systems, or repair services we can try to accommodate and educate to the best of our abilities.

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Large Bone Power

Medium Bone Power

Small Bone Power

High Speed Drills