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Clear Your Medical Storage Room Clear Your Mind

Clear Your Medical Storage Room Clear Your Mind

We all have things we hang onto for various reasons.  Eventually these items can pile up and become a mental burden. During these stressful months cleaning physical space can help you clear your mental space as well.  Here are 5 tips to determine what you can let go of and what to keep.

Taking notes with a pen on paper

1. Make a Six Month Priority List

Take a second to determine what surgical items you will need for the next 6 months. Make this an “absolute need” list, not a “nice to have” list. Do any of the items in your storage room make the list? Great! The purpose isn’t to throw everything out; it’s to define why the objects in your workspace are there and if they still serve a purpose. With a defined list you can make more informed decisions about keeping or letting go of the equipment that surrounds you.

2. Learn To Let Go

Next go to the storage room and divide it in two. Move the items on your “needs” list to the right side of the room and move the leftovers to the left side. Be honest and ask yourself why the items on the left are still there. Most of the time, the items on the left are simply there because no one threw them out or knew how to dispose of them properly. The important thing is to determine what can and should go and what “absolutely needs” to stay. Anything that is there “just in case” is cluttering your mental capacity. With a defined list you will know whether or not it will be needed based on your cases. This is why it’s important to make the list first. If an item won’t serve a purpose within 6 months, chances it won’t serve a purpose in a year as well. It’s time to let go.

3. Be Decisive

There are two reasons to be decisive when choosing what to remove from your workspace:

  1. The medical equipment you have can be valuable right now and the longer you wait, the less value your equipment will have. If you have already made the decision of what can go and what can stay, acting on it will clear a mental check box and declutter that area of your mind.

  2.  Allowing items to clutter your workspace and storage area kills decision making and ability to think critically. Removing those items can have a dramatic effect on how clearly you will be able to think once they are gone.

4. Share Your Thoughts

You may be surprised at the willingness of your fellow coworkers to clear out the environment. After all, your coworkers are probably suffering from mental fatigue as well and can benefit from a cleaner and concise work environment.

5. Declutter Your Workspace

The time has come to declutter; now what do you do with all the extra? Some items can be sold, some simply tossed, while others need to be disposed of properly. But who has time for that? This is where we can help you. Our Clean Recycling program can remove the fill for you. We take everything you would like to remove from your facility. We don’t cherry pick and leave you with the clutter. You truly get a clean space. The best part though, any items of value you have will reduce the cost of the pickup. In almost every case we write a check for the pickup. So not only do you get a clearer area and mental space, you can save the company money in the process! It’s a win for you and for your facility!

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Items of Value

You may be asking yourself, “what items of value do I have?” Well, here is an example list of items that we will pay you more than the cost of the pickup.

  • Patient Positioners: Tenet T-Max, Allen Lift Assist, Demayo Knee Holder, etc.
  • Specialty tables: ALL Jackson spine Table types, Hana Table, ProAxis, etc.
  • ALL Steris and Skytron General OR Tables
  • Large and Small Power Equipment: Stryker System 8, Conmed Hall 50, Medtronic Spine drills, etc.
  • Electro-Cautery & RF Generators: FT10, Force Triad, Medtronic AEX, MultiGen II, NIM 3, etc.
  • And Many More!

We would be happy to help you gain the mental and physical clarity you deserve today.

Learn more about Clean Recycling

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