Margie Hale - Operations Director, Unity Healthcare

Question: Why do you like working with Didage & Surgical Power on your projects?

Answer: "An outstanding group of professionals that I’ve had the privilege to work with since 2001. My first encounter was with Owner Chris Rankin who introduced me to the world of refurbished equipment as I came from a large corporate hospital that utilized group contracts for new products/equipment. Chris was strategic in assisting with the research and location of a variety of items that were necessary to enable us to open our surgical center, and at a substantial cost savings. Didage has always been the first company I contact when setting up a new physician practice as they provide anything you might need for an exam room. If customizing your décor Didage offers painting and recovering exam beds and physician stools and the quality is great, I’ve not bought a new exam bed for years."

Question: How do we make your job easier?

Answer: "Handling all the research to locate exactly the equipment/item were looking for and also consider trade-in’s. Didage offers delivery and set-up as well as pick-up for items that may need serviced or repaired."

Question: Would you recommend other facilities to use Didage & Surgical Power for their projects?

Answer: "Absolutely. Didage employees are highly skilled and knowledgeable and provide a superior service, I’ve worked with many of the same employees over all these years and I believe this speaks volumes to the quality and integrity of this company. Didage has proven to be a very valuable resource for our multi-physician medical facility, I have recommended them to many of my professional contacts and would encourage anyone who hasn’t tried pre-owned, refurbished equipment to give Didage Sales a try. Unity Healthcare’s relationship with Didage has continued for nearly 20 years and look forward to many more."

"Thank you for all that you and Didage have done to help make my job so much easier!! FYI, Heath is fabulous, can’t imagine what we would do without him!!"

Ty Legan - Laboratory Supervisor, Zimmer Biomet, Inc.

"I have had a great experience working with Didage and Surgical Power. They are a group of sharp individuals who provide valuable solutions when I'm faced with a situation. Thank you Chris and Vince for all your help through the years."