Clean Recycling Program

More than 5.9 million tons of Medical Waste is produced annually. Be part of the solution. Recycle your medical equipment.
In 2019, Didage was able to recycle more than 53 tons of medical equipment. With your help, we can accomplish even more.

Surplus Asset Disposition  Services:

Didage is ready to help remove you remove unused and antiquated capital medical from your medical facilities.

  • Call today to consult with your representative.
  • We will provide an estimated removal cost.  (Regional proximity can affect removal dates).
  • Valuable items will offset your total removal cost. In most cases, there aren’t any out of pocket expenses. Meaning,  you will receive an in-store credit that can be used towards any of our products or services, if the value of your liquidated products outweighs the removal costs.
  • Our team will work with your facility’s schedule to ensure no disruptions occur for your team or
    your patients while equipment is being removed.
  • Consignment services are an option if our company is not interested in an outright purchase.
How it works

How it Works

  • We remove everything you wish to eliminate from your storage rooms for a flat fee.
  • The equipment is brought back to Didage to be sorted and valued.
  • Obsolete items are broken down and recycled.
  • Current generation items that qualify for resale or parts units are valued and deducted from the removal service fee. (If the value of the items exceeds the service fee, we will give you store credit!)


Zone 3:

600+ Miles

Distance is based from your location to Didage.

Pricing Breakdown and Deductions:

Valuable items will reduce and usually eliminate the total disposal fee entirely.

Travel: Mileage or Airfare Travel will be charged appropriately.
Deinstallation Costs: Quote Required (Sterilizers, OR Lights, MRI’s, Radiology Rooms, Lab Equipment, etc.)

* The flat rate covers labor, removal, and disposal costs.

Levels of Medical Equipment Recycling:

Excellent: Item is repairable and reusable in current state. (Rebuilt and sold with original product intent)
Good: Item can be used outside or limited use of original intent (Sold/Donated to 3rd world countries or missions’ organizations.)
Poor: Item can be broken down for repair parts (Reusable with limited original product intent)
Recycle/Disposal: Disassembled for specific recycling (Metals, plastics, glass, etc.)

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