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What is the actual difference when looking at refurbished medical equipment vs used medical equipment? When we, as consumers, hear the word “used” we usually think that the product is “worn” or “broken”. So, what does “refurbished” mean, then? Isn’t it just a fancy word for “used”? Simply put, no. Refurbished products, whether that be computers, phones, or medical equipment are products that have been restored to factory specifications and tested before they reach the hands of the customer.

For every piece of medical equipment that is brand new, you will be able to find a similar piece used or refurbished at a large discount. Sometimes your facility can save upwards of 50% by purchasing refurbished over new.

What's the Difference?

Used medical equipment comes with a negative connotation. Used medical equipment implies that it has been mishandled, broken, scratched up or has missing pieces. Most of the time used medical equipment is resold in as-is condition to the customer or with minimal repairing. Used medical equipment is usually cheaper to purchase but can be more costly down the road as repairs and upkeep are vital for continued use.

Refurbished medical equipment is a way for your facility to save money without sacrificing on quality. Used medical equipment is purchased and then brought to our facility where our technicians carefully go over all parts of the equipment and take note of any and all repairs that need to be made. Any worn out parts are also replaced to bring the piece of medical equipment back to working order.  

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With used medical equipment it is rare that your facility will receive any type of warranty since most used medical equipment is resold to the customer in “as-is” condition. A tell tail sign the item is used verses refurbished is a 90 day or less warranty.  If it is refurbished the warranty will be a year or longer.

When purchasing a piece of refurbished medical equipment from us, your facility will also be receiving a 1-year warranty allowing for extra peace of mind. If a longer warranty or service agreement is needed, we will work with you to ensure you obtain the coverage you need.

Warranties guarantee that the refurbished medical item is in good working condition and if something malfunctions with your piece of equipment we will stand behind our product and ensure that it is repaired correctly.

As with any medical item new, used, or refurbished you will want to ensure that you are purchasing it from a trusted and reputable company.

To learn more about the refurbishment process read our blog about The Process of Medical Equipment Refurbishing

What are the Next Steps?

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