Nurses week begins with National Nurses Day on May 6th and runs through May 12th. 

Nurses week is recognized each year and provides an opportunity to give recognition to nurses along with providing education to the public about the impact that nurses have in the healthcare and medical fields.

In 1974 the International Council of Nurses proclaimed that May 12th would be recognized as International Nurses Day. President Nixon issued a proclamation that there would be an entire week dedicated to recognizing nurses and it would be called “National Nurses Week”.

Each year National Nurses Week has a theme attached. For 2019 the theme is “Culture of safety- it starts with YOU.”
The American Nurses Association defines “culture of safety” as the core values and behaviors that come about when there is a collective and continuous commitment by organizational leadership, managers and healthcare workers to emphasize safety over competing goals (

Even if you are not a nurse, chances are you have had the pleasure of working with one, being cared for by one or love one. Take this week and acknowledge the nurses in your life; thank them for their sacrifices and let them know how much we all appreciate them.

Thank you to all the nurses for what you do each and every day!