mizuho OSI 5855 orthopedic trauma top with traction arc


Hanna Long

Mizuho has been a leading brand in surgical tables and medical equipment since 1978. Following their mission of improving patient outcomes for people undergoing surgery, Mizuho has designed surgical tables and equipped surgical suites around the world with their top of the line equipment.

Mizuho’s modular table base system allows for three different table tops to be used with the advanced control base. These include an orthopedic trauma top, a spinal surgery top, and a radiolucent imaging top.

Let’s take a closer look at the orthopedic trauma top.

Orthopedic Trauma Top

Mizuho's Orthopedic Trauma Top provides a complete powered table for easy patient positioning and allows for skin or skeletal traction during trauma procedures. Designed with a Traction Arc, the top offers anatomically correct lower extremity skin or skeletal traction. This eliminates the need for a leg spar on the operative side and allows for unrestricted access for the surgeon and C-arm.

Along with maximum radiolucency, the orthopedic trauma top is built with a unique composite top that allows for upper and lower extremity imaging at any angle. A dual column design enhances stability, adds strength while reducing weight, and a hand power controller facilitates height, Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg adjustments.

Here is a closer look at the specifications and components used with the 5855 orthopedic trauma top.

5855 Orthopedic Trauma Top Specifications:
• Table Top Length- 84in
• Table Top Width- 21.5in
• Patient Weight Capacity- 500lb

Standard components that are used with the 6310 Orthopedic Trauma Top include:
• 5855-120 90 Degree Pin and Wire Holder
• 5855-13 Traction Slide Assembly
• 5855-136 Tibia Counter Traction Assembly
• 5855-137 Lateral Perineal Post Assembly
• 5855-163 Well Leg Board Assembly
• 5855-193 Traction Extension, long (38’)
• 5855-242 Ilium Post Assembly
• 5855-243 Pad- Counter Traction
• 5855-271 Perineal Post, child w/ pad
• 5855-3000 Cover, 5855 Orthopedic Trauma Top w/o arc
• 5855-319 Center Support Board
• 5855-345 Traction Unit
• 5855-411 Tibia Traction Upright
• 5855-838 Well Leg Basket Assembly
• 5855-473 Pad- lateral extension
• 5855-518 G.M. Board, right w/ locking knob
• 5855-519 G.M. Board, left w/ locking knob
• 5855-550 Safety Strap
• 5855-578 Traction Extension, short
• 5855-61 Accessory Clamp
• 5855-612 Drapery Rod Assembly
• 5855-615 Head End Drapery Post, Weldment
• 5855-617 Foot End Drapery Post, Weldment
• 5855-628 Pad- lateral post, lower
• 5855-644 Leg Spar Upright
• 5855-672 Traction Unit Upright, left
• 5855-673 Traction Unit Upright, right
• 5855-752 Radiolucent Leg Spar
• 5855-753 Well Leg Lower Swing Arm
• 5855-76 Lower Leg Support Assembly
• 6977-959 Universal Side Rail Adaptor 6in
• 5855-863 Traction Boot with foot plate, small, left and right
• 5855-864 Traction boot with foot plate, large, left and right
• 5855-900 Table Top Assembly
• 5855-911 Transfer Board Assembly
• 5863 Orthopedic Traction Arc Cart
• 5890-81 Tabletop Support Assembly

Some optional accessories for this tabletop include a Cross Arm Support, Clark Support, and Lateral Arm Board Set.

As mentioned above, the trauma top is designed for use with Mizuho's modular table base. The Modular Table Base interfaces with a C-arm easily and is used in orthopedic fracture, trauma, and pelvic reconstruction. Powered lateral tilt and table articulations make this table base among one of the most sought after in the market.

We currently offer three models of Mizuho Table Bases that are compatible with the orthopedic trauma top; OSI 5803, OSI 5892, and OSI 5890.

1. 5803 Table Base is designed to work with gimbaled OSI modular tops and features full battery backup and a hand pendant that controls height, lateral tilt, and Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg.

2. OSI 5892 Table Base is designed to work with gimbaled OSI modular tops and features a tilt drive status indicator light, traction pulley, and partial battery backup.

3. OSI 5890 Table Base utilizes both electrically operated and hand-operated controls. The 5890 Table Base does not have battery backup and requires manual lateral rotation.

What are the next steps?
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