What is the actual difference when looking at used medical equipment and refurbished medical equipment? 


    Hanna Long

When we, as consumers, hear the word “used” we usually think of “worn” or “broken” products. So, what does “refurbishment” really mean? Isn’t it just a fancy word for “used”? Simply put, no. Refurbished products have been restored to factory specifications. The term refurbishment means, products undergo testing, repair, and pass inspection before they reach the hands of the customer.

For every brand new piece of medical equipment, heavily discounted used and refurbished pieces are available. In fact, sometimes your facility can save upwards of 50% by purchasing refurbished products over new items. Stop and think about that for a second. Spending 50% less for medical equipment can increase the profitability for your surgery center dramatically.

What does the term "used" really mean?

Used medical equipment has a negative connotation. The term  implies mishandled, broken, and worn products. Unfortunately, most of the time it means the medical products are being resold in as-is condition to the customer. Used medical equipment for sale can be cheaper to purchase upfront. However, used and unchecked items are more costly down the road. Since they remain unchecked and certified, it becomes a huge risk to buy used medical products. So, what options do you have for maintaining quality?

Benefits of refurbished medical products

Purchase refurbished medical equipment. You will save more money in the long run if an item is refurbished. In addition, used products will break if they have not undergone proper repair prior to being sold. A used surgical item's price can look enticing; however, it's a gamble. Remember, the house always wins. Don't take that chance.  Again, the term "Used" has a negative connotation for a reason. Purchasing refurbished equipment will save you more in the long run. Don't sacrifice on quality.

Used Medical Stryker Drill undergoing refurbishment process
Rusted Used Medical Stryker Pin Collet that needs to be refurbished

Warranties: How to ensure your medical products are top notch refurbished items

If you buy used medical equipment, don't expect to receive any type of warranty with your purchase. Since most used equipment is resold in an “as-is” condition you're left high and dry. Anything sold with a warranty, 90 days or shorter, is a tell tail sign the item is used and not refurbished.  On the other hand, you can know an item has undergone refurbishment because of the warranty. If the medical product is refurbished, the warranty will be 1 year or longer.  A company providing "as-is" equipment will be too scared to warrant their equipment.

Here at Didage we stand for something more. We provide a 1-year warranty with almost every medical item we sell. Our warranties resolve any issues and provide peace of mind. If you require a longer warranty or service agreement, let our service team know.  We will work with you to ensure you obtain the coverage you need.

Warranties guarantee that the medical item is in proper working condition. If something malfunctions, we will stand behind our product and ensure that it is repaired correctly.

Didage provides 3 decades worth of reputable business practices and products. Furthermore, purchasing from Didage guaranties on-going customer service and product support.

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