23 03, 2020

Building a Surgery Center

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According to the Center for Disease Control, it is estimated that there are 48.3 million surgical procedures are completed in the US each year. From the study completed in 2010 it was found that 53% of those surgical procedures are performed in hospitals with 47% being performed in Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC). Furthermore, surgical procedure numbers continue to grow and the need for surgery centers are growing with it.

25 10, 2019

Mizuho OSI Spinal Top 5943 Specifications

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Mizuho's OSI 5493 Jackson Spinal Surgery Top, also known as a Jackson Table, features an open-frame design and individual positioning pads which help support the patient in the prone position for spinal surgery. The spinal surgery top is designed to be used with Mizuho's 5927 imaging top for 180-degree patient rotation and offers complete radiolucency.

25 10, 2019

Mizuho OSI Radiolucent Imaging Top 5927

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The Mizuho OSI 5927 Radiolucent Imaging Top supports a patient in the supine, lateral, or prone position. When the Radiolucent Imaging Top is used with the Spinal Surgery Top, the patient can easily be re-positioned from supine to prone without being physically removed from the table.

25 10, 2019

Mizuho OSI Orthopedic Trauma Top 5855

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Mizuho's Orthopedic Trauma Top provides a complete powered table for easy patient positioning and allows for skin or skeletal traction during trauma procedures. Designed with a Traction Arc, the top offers anatomically correct lower extremity skin or skeletal traction

29 08, 2019

Cadaver Lab Build-out; Things to know when building a Bioskills lab

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You were able to get the funding and space to open a bioskills lab. Congratulations! A Cadaver lab build-out requires planning. Let's look at what you need to be successful with your lab. Whether you are setting up a cadaver lab with five stations or 50, it is crucial to ensure you have all the equipment, accessories, and tools that you may need.

28 08, 2019

Differences between Used Medical Equipment and Refurbished Medical Equipment

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Refurbished products, whether that be computers, phones or medical equipment are products that have been restored to factory specifications and tested before they reach the hands of the customer.

5 08, 2019

Options for Obtaining Cadaver Lab Equipment

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Cadaver labs are for students and other medical professionals to have hands-on experience working with the human body, as well as equipment and new surgical techniques that advance their continuing education. Surgeons are invited to laboratories around the world to become certified in certain products and procedures. These labs assist surgeons perfect their surgical technique, and allows surgeons to work with different body types and sizes as well as equipment that allow them to be more prepared when in the surgery room.

13 06, 2019

What to Know About Used Surgical Tables

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The use of operating room surgical tables can be dated all the way back to the 18th century. Doctors used “surgical chairs” and restraints to hold patients up when they would become unconscious during surgery. Lithotomy tables came shortly after and were able to hold patients in a semi-vertical position allowing doctors to restrain the arms and hands; soon thereafter, doctors and surgeons used long wooden benches supported by adjustable legs and backrests. These benches were covered in a wool rug or horsehair mattress covered in a waterproof covering. Thankfully, technology has come a long way and we are far from chairs with restraints and horsehair mattresses.

22 04, 2019

Recycling Used Medical Equipment

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Have you thought about selling your used medical equipment to be refurbished? This process reduces the amount of equipment in landfills and allows for other healthcare facilities to purchase this lifesaving equipment for their practice at a fraction of the cost.

12 04, 2019

5 Tips for Buying Orthopedic Powered Surgical Tools

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The types of surgical systems fall into 3 categories Battery, Pneumatic, and Electric. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.