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Stryker 1015 Big Wheel Stretcher

Product Code: Stryker 1015

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Big WheelTM reduces start-up force by 50% and steering by 60%.
Patient Capacity:   700 pounds, the highest capacity of any hydraulic stretcher.
~All stretchers include new 3-4" pads
~Four-wheel, steel-ring brakes with dual end activators
~Lift Assist Backrest
~Advanced.  Simple.
Activation controls are color-coded in yellow.
~Hydraulic-powered knee gatch eliminates cranking.  Simply slide the gatch lever horizontally to raise.
Litter-mounted oxygen bottle holder helps eliminate bending.
Sturdy GlidewayTM side rails disappear when stowed.
 Built-in slide board aids in patient transfers.  Handy utility tray built into the head section keeps charts and other items within easy reach.