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AMSCO 3085 SP Operating Room Tables, OR Tables, Surgical Tables

Product Code: Steris 3085 SP Surgical Tables, OR Tables

**Item Subject to Availability


Trendelenburg Position
Height Adjustment
Adjustable back
Lateral Tilt
Adjustable Foot Section
Mechanical Floor Locks
1000 LB Weight Capacity
Refurbished with new pads and warranty.
*New replacement pads available too.
The AMSCO 3085 SP Surgical Table combines innovation and design to create exceptional positioning for patients weighing up to 1,000 lbs. in normal orientation.
The larger patient can be safely raised and lowered  in both normal and reverse orientation and have virtually the same positioning capabilities as with other patients. (Please see Steris website for details.)
The AMSCO 3085 SP Table offers the same quality, reliability, and flexibility you've come to expect in all of AMSCO / Steris surgical equipment products.
Unprecedented versatility for every surgical specialty
Designed for flexibility in patient positioning
Exceptional image amplification (IA) coverage
Built-in safety and reliability
*Information taken from website
As stated at, the Steris / AMSCO 3085 SP models are now rated to support up to 1,000 pounds in normal orientation.  This does NOT apply to the 3080, only the 3080 SP.  Please see the additional information on this release at the website above.  This information is stated true to the best of our knowledge.  Please be sure to refer to the Steris website for complete information.