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Operating Room Tables

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AMSCO 3080 RL Operating Room Tables
  ~Surgical Table with Radiolucent Top ~Standard with Remote Control ~Fluoroscopic Cap..
AMSCO 3085 SP Operating Room Tables, OR Tables, Surgical Tables
  Trendelenburg Position Height Adjustment Adjustable back Lateral Tilt Adjustab..
AMSCO 4085 Operating Room Tables, OR Tables, Surgical Tables
The STERIS 4085 General Surgical Table's design gives a surgical team the flexibility, control and c..
Flote Anterior Hip Surgery Table Attachment, Operating Room Tables
 Leg can be raised 200 mm above the mean position of the table  By re..
OSI Jackson 5803 available with Spine and Fracture Tops OR Tables
    OSI Jackson 5803 availlable with Spine and Fracture Tops OR Tables Refurbishe..
OSI Jackson OR Tables w/ Orthopedic Top
  OSI Modular Table System, the Orthopedic Trauma Table Top provides a complete, powered, or..
OSI Jackson Spine Top with Base 5840   OR Tables
  Base  # 5840 with Spine Top Refurbished with warranty      ..
OSI Jackson Table with Imaging Top OR Tables Base 5890
  Jackson Table, Expandable Base model 5890 Spine Top and Imaging Top  availabl..
OSI Jackson Table, Base 5892  Spine and Imaging top, OR Tables
  5892 Base with electric lateral tilt and lock.  Maximum Patient Weight:  Tabl..
OSI Jackson Table, Operating Room Tables, Surgical Tables
  5890 Expandable Base       Ortho Trauma and 350 lb Imaging Tops..
Skytron 3100 OR Tables, Operating Room Tables
  ~ C-arm compatible table ~ Longitudinal Top Slide of 23 1/2” allows complete C-Arm cove..
Skytron 3600B OR Tables, 3600B ULTRASLIDE Surgical Table
  The 3600B ULTRASLIDE Surgical Table provides 23 in. Top Slide, full table features and ..
Skytron 5000 OR Tables
    Specifications: Table Height:      Raised:  45” &n..
Skytron 6001 Elite OR Tables
  ~Provides remote control C-arm positioning capabilities for a wide range of procedures. ..
Skytron 6500 Elite Radiolucent Surgical Tables, OR Tables
  ~Remote Control ~Head section can be adjusted to accommodate taller patients ~ 500 lbs ..
Skytron 6500 HD Radiolucent Surgical Tables
  -  850 lb Patient Capacity     - Remote Control - Self-levelin..
Skytron 6600 Radiolucent Surgical Tables
  Specifications:  Self-leveling 4-point brake system 1,000 lb lift capacity ..
Smith and Nephew Hip Surgery Table Attachment, Operating Room Tables, Arthroscopic Hip Patient Positioning
  Arthroscopic Hip Patient Positioning Using the Advanced Supine Hip Positioning System ..
AMSCO Ortho Fracture Tables, Operating Room Tables
Berchtold Operon B 810, OR Tables, Surgical Tables