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Zimmer ATS 3000 Operating Tourniquet
Product Information The A.T.S. 3000 Automatic Tourniquet System is a dual-port, dual-cuff medical..
Zimmer ATS 4000 Operating Tourniquet
  A.T.S® 4000 Tourniquet System •Personalized Pressure™ Technology •Limb Occlusion Pre..
Zimmer ATS 2000 Operating Tourniquet	-Sale
*** Automatic, microprocessor-based, pneumatic tourniquet Allows for independent control and ..
Zimmer ATS 750 Operating Tourniquet
Zimmer A.T.S.® 750 Tourniquet System Easy to Learn, Easy to Use Full-featured and automatic tour..
Zimmer ATS 1200 Operating Tourniquet
    Automatic, microprocessor based pneumatic tourniquet system. ..
Scandmed Tourniquet 400 series by Sammons Preston Rolyan
Small, light weight tourniquet. Dual Cuff Battery Backup Stainless housing for easy cleanin..
Stryker Smart Pump Operating Tourniquet
  Stryker SmartPump operating tourniquet. With or without transport pole and basket &n..
Zimmer  ATS 1500 Operating Tourniquet
  Intended to temporally occlude blood flow in a patient’s extremities during surgical proce..