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Electrosurgical Units (ESU)

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Megadyne Power Electrosurgical Unit
    "The Megadyne Mega Power Electrosurgical Generator is designed to produce radio ..
Valleylab Force FX and FXc
  Instant Response™ Technology   Instant Response™ technology provides surgeons w..
Conmed Aspen Excalibur         ESU
  High power digital electrosurgical unit. Features unsurpassed fulguration enhanced bipo..
Conmed System 5000
Dynamic Response Technology The System 5000™ generator features proprietary Dynamic Response Techno..
Fischer Neuro N50 System      Electrosurgical  (ESU), Stryker N50
  F. L. Fischer, Neuro N50, Electrosurgical Unit, Neurosurgery, Lesion Generator Neuro N50 ..
Valleylab Force 2 ESU
  The Force 2 provides cutting and coagulation in monopolar or bipolar outputs.  Equipp..
Valleylab LigaSure:  Vessel Sealing System             (ESU)
  "The LigaSure™ vessel sealing system gives you something no other electrosurgical tool can..
Valleylab Monopolar & Bipolar Foot Pedals          ESU
Oratec Electro Thermal Spine System, ORA-50 S Generator
Conmed Sabre 2400  ESU
  Full-power electrosurgical generator to accommodate the needs of all surgical  proced..
Ethicon / Ultra Cision G110 Harmonic Scalpel Generator
  Utilizes ultrasonic energy to enable hemostatic cutting and/or coagulation of tissue Th..
Valleylab ESU Cart
Valleylab Surgistat         ESU
  Surgistat is a compact, dual mode Electrosurgical generator designed specifically to meet ..
Conmed Sabre 180  ESU
Aspen Excalibur ESU
  The Conmed Aspen Excalibur is a high power digital electrosurgical unit.  It features..
Erbe ICC 350 ESU Machine
  The Erbe ICC 350 ESU Machine heads ERBE's family of units for HF surgery with one-of-a-kin..
  Most powerful isolated ESU available.  Allows the surgeon to adjust power settings fr..
Dyonics  / Smith and Nephew Electrothermal 20S Spine System:  RF Generator
  RF Generator for minimally invasive treatment for chronic back pain.   Giving y..
Mentor PH234 Wet Field
  Mentor Wet Field Coagulator   Operating Voltage Range - 105-125V   &..
Utah Medical Finesse Leep Unit   ESU
  Electrosurgery unit with built in smoke evacuation.   Optional foot pedal. ..