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"My heart has been inspired for some time to write a newsletter geared towards those doing missions and non-profit work. I want to explain what we do, and how we can work together..."
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Wall of Fame

Welcome to our Wall of Fame.  We are proud to feature these people and organizations who are giving their time, talent, and treasures to improve the quality of life for those less fortunate.

World Compassion Network


Above: Tammy, Fugi, & Niko Ramirez, pictured with Heath Jones of Didage.

Tammy an OB Nurse, volunteered for a week in Haiti, through World Compassion Network.  She flew to Ft. Lauderdale, where she connected with Pilot Jon Fussle for the trip into Haiti.

Warsaw Flying Club:

Right:  Jon Fussle is a retired commercial airline pilot who, since the earthquake, has been flying a 6 passenger plane from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, to Haiti.  He is transported missionaries and their supplies at no charge to them.  The plane was fueled with numerous personal donations, and  the use of the plane has been donated by the Silveus and White families of Warsaw, Indiana.  Jon returned to Indiana on February 18th, after flying nearly 200 hours during the 23 trips to Haiti.

Lisa Major

pictured with Ryan Pannell


Lisa personally purchased an orthopedic drill and three orthopedic saws to donate to the Haiti relief project. 

She has collected medical supplies as well as shoes for Haitians, and helped to pack the truck that took these supplies to Haiti.

Warsaw Community Church

 2nd Mile Missions

Rob Wildman and Eric Lane

Dominican Republic

2nd Mile Adventures is setting up a Medical Clinic in the Dominican Republic.  Next, they will be building a school for secondary education.

Angie Tom (Lt), Joan Helser, (Ctr) Cookie Gakstatter (Rt)

Joan & Cookie are wonderful volunteers who spent hours helping to sort & organize our donated goods.

Thank you to Joan & Cookie, and to all of the wonderful organizations that have donated these medical supplies.

Scalpel at the Cross

Kelli Hooks, Lisa Schroder, Missions Director, COO with Chris Rankin & Angie Tom of Didage

Dr. Marvin Eastlund (Ctr) Latin American Missions Board L.A.M.B.), Chris Rankin (Lt)  and Angie Tom (RT) of Didage Sales, Steve Weaver (Not pictured) Website:  Latin American Missions Board

What is Latin American Missions Board? LAMB is a non-profit religious organization formed in July, 2000 to:

  • Provide medical and humanitarian aid to underserved areas of Latin America,
  • Help individuals participate in the work of missionaries,
  • Provide an effective way to get needed financial support to the missions field, and
  • Support a variety of outreaches and short-term trips to meet specific needs.

Mike Taylor (2nd from left) is the Director of GBIM, & Physician's Assistant

Russ Woda, MD (3rd from left)

Dr. Peterson of Goshen, Indiana

Working in the Dominican Republic and Bangladesh

Dr. Kenneth Peterson, pictured with Angie Tom and Chris Rankin of Didage

Indiana Fundamental Bible College

Dr. Kenneth Peterson, Dr. Steven Hite, pictured with Angie Tom and Ryan Pannell

Missions Beyond

Hidalgo, Mexico

Beth, Elena, & Ethan Shields

Anel, Leonel, and little Annika Hernandez of Guatemala

Pictured with Chris Rankin of Didage

Rotary International Bob Breton, working in Mexico
Christian Medical Ministry of South Alabama: Robert McGinley

“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” ~Margaret Mead

Special Thank You to the Clarian Arnett Health group in Lafayette, Indiana.  This group provided our first donation of disposable medical supplies in April of 2008.  This donation has propelled our project. So far, these supplies have made it to the Dominican Republic, Peruvian Jungle, Africa, Bangladesh, Mexico, and now Haiti. Simply stated: The supplies are donated to us and we facilitate getting them into the hands of those who can use them. They are free to missionaries and non-profit organizations.